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Rubbish Removals!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

So, we were listening to the Joe Duffy Show on RTE1 and he had a segment on the show about "fly tipping" and man-with-a-van operators. We just thought we needed to address this and separate ourselves from the people who would do this. "Fly tipping" really is the lowest of the low!

We get lots of calls asking about disposing of rubbish and we would like to point out that

WE DO NOT DISPOSE of rubbish!

Number 1.

We provide transport only. We can act as a courier from a persons home to their local recycling centre. We carry only recyclable and only clean waste (bulky wardrobe, sofa, mattress, no rubble or domestic waste etc). The items must be dry and kept indoors in the customers home, garage, shed etc. You pay us for the transport only.

Number 2.

The customer must accompany us and pay the council for their own disposal in person at the recycling centre. We will not take payment up front and then pay on your behalf later. This is not an option. You pay for the disposal of your items.

Number 3.

When looking for a disposal service, simply ask the operator if he/she has a NWCP (National Waste Collection Permit). If they cant provide you with a valid permit number that can be checked online, don't use them! If your items are found in a ditch, two days later, you will be the one paying the fine!

All registered NWCO permit holders in the Republic of Ireland can be found here:

Kind Regards,

Irish Delivery Services

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