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Payment Methods


We accept cash-on-delivery (C.O.D).

Credit & Debit Card

You can pay by credit or debit card via our hand held card terminal. You can now pay Contactless or by Apple Pay also via our card reader. 


Please Note: We do not charge fees for using a debit/credit card but the only exceptions to this rule are American Express/Diners Club cards and business or corporate credit cards, where your employer is billed instead of you. We may add 1.95% to these transactions at our discretion.You should be aware that if you're paying in EU currencies other than euros, you may still be charged a currency conversion fee by your card provider when you use your card in another EU country.


Digital Bank App

We now accept payment via the Revolut digital banking app. You can transfer funds in a matter of minutes and you are issued a receipt via the app. Sign up for free here.

Electronic Funds Transfer

For business customers, we can accept payment by EFT. We invoice you electronically and you can transfer electronically. Simple and efficient.

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